Does my property listing need a floorplan?

Floorplans are a recent addition to online property listings. Originally, they were only available for new-builds or grand homes. Nowadays, however, even the smallest flats come with a floorplan. But why is it important to have them?

How does a floorplan work?

There are three elements to a floorplan that must be included, starting with the measurements. These should be included in the floorplan so a buyer can determine the size of the space. It should also have a compass market to indicate which way the front of the property and garden face. Finally, square footage is a must. This will allow the buyer to compare the property with others to determine the value for money.

The UK often sells properties based on the number of rooms. As a result, the size of these rooms are getting smaller and smaller. You may find a 4-bed property that takes up the same square footage as a 3-bed would have done many years ago. The ability to see the total floor area gives the buyer the chance to determine the value of the property. But why is a floorplan important?

It provides structure

A floorplan helps a buyer seen the structure of the house, allowing them to decide whether it is worth viewing or not. From room flow, sizes and layout, there are many factors that the buyer will consider before deciding to view a property. And they will not wish to waste their time on a property that is not suitable for their needs!

Creating a vision

A buyer will likely imagine what their life would be like in your property, but images can only do so much. Let’s say you have a third small bedroom and a small bathroom. The floorplan could help the buyer determine if they could renovate the space to create one large bathroom.

Expanding space

Floorplans are great for making properties seem larger. It is easy for buyers to forget rooms they have seen when viewing a property. This is particularly true with box-rooms, or areas in the property that are not being completely utilised such as storage rooms. Showing these areas of the home in a floorplan allow the buyer to look back and rethink how much space is actually available.

Make selling easier

To summarise, ensuring you have a floorplan can significantly boost your viewings and even help bring in the right kind of buyers due to the extra information your description and photos cannot. This is why it is important to try and include them in your listings whenever possible. If you would like to get more from your property when it’s time to move, you need the right estate agent for the job. At Joules Estate Agents, we are experts in buying and selling in the Heaton’s, Greater Manchester, and can help you find the perfect buyers for your property. Get in touch to find out more.