How to find the perfect quiet home

Some people are happy living in a vibrant area. For some, however, quiet time is essential. If you are house hunting for a quiet place, there are a few things to bear in mind. Here, we will break these things down:

Choosing a location

Location plays a huge role in how quiet your home will be. Look at nearby bus routes and bus stops, as well as train and tram lines. You should also be sure to check websites such as Transport for Greater Manchester for any new transport links on the way.

Be observant

Certain factors that affect noise levels should also be noted. Things such as speed bumps, vehicle weight restrictions can result in louder traffic. You should also keep an eye out for pubs, bars and clubs as these will also contribute to the noise levels.

Visit throughout the day

If you have a particular house in mind, but you’re not sure how loud it will be throughout the day, you may want to visit at several times. Schools make generate noise during the day, which could be an issue if you work nights or work from home.

Try the top floor

If you’re buying an apartment, the top floor is usually your best bet for many reasons. For one, there will be no one living above you. You will also be furthest away from the world going on beneath you.

Ask your surveyor

If you need to know more about any sound insulation that hasn’t been installed, your surveyor can find out.

Find out about the neighbours

Vendors must legally inform you if they have had any serious disputes with their neighbours. This can be interpreted in many ways, but if you have had to contact a neighbour in writing or complain to the council, a dispute will have to be declared.


Once you have bought a property, double glazing or sound insulation can help quieten unwanted sound. You may also want to consider heavy-duty curtains, carpets and soft furnishings.

Prepare for surprises

Even in the most peaceful locations, things can change. Be aware of unused premises that could turn into loud areas of construction, although this may sometimes be sprung upon you.

Find the perfect quiet home with Joules

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