How Photography Can Improve the chances of Selling your Property

Selling your home can be stressful and waiting for viewings can add even more pressure to the process. But what if there was something putting off buyers from getting in touch to view your property? It may have something to do with your photography.

Photography can Improve the chances of Selling your Property

We’ve all heard the phrase “a picture says a thousand words” and it couldn’t be truer than when thinking about the images for your property. Dark lighting, blurred focus and poor angles are just a few examples of how your imagery is off-putting to buyers. Here are some ways you can improve your images for better selling.

Use a digital camera

Although you can get nice images using a modern smartphone these days, they cannot compare to a high-quality digital camera. Borrow one from a friend if you don’t have one, and consider using a camera for clearer, more still imagery too. If you do only have your phone to work with, try using the high dynamic range (HDR) for more detail.

Let there be light

How you use lighting in your images can have a huge impact on what buyers think of your home. Opening all curtains and blinds to let the light in and taking photos during brighter times of the day will help open up the space, making rooms appear bigger, light and airy. If the rooms still feel slightly dark, try turning on all the lights. However, be aware of backlighting in rooms with large windows. Choose your angle carefully so to avoid washed-out imagery.

Think clutter-free

When it comes to showing any personal belongings in your photos, less is more. Any excess furniture, fridge magnets, ornaments and appliances that could distract from your home’s natural features. They can also make the space look cluttered and cramped. Select a few items that can help the buyer visualise the potential of the space.

If you are selling your property during winter, it’s best to take photographs in a neutral setting. By this, we mean no holiday décor! Not only can it make the rooms look smaller, but it can make them look untidy too and will likely be outdated if the property doesn’t sell after the occasion. This can give the impression that your property has been on the market a while, bringing doubt to buyers

Room preparation

Also known as staging, preparing a room after decluttering is a way of giving the buyer an idea of how it could be used. This is often done by temporarily rearranging the furniture in a room and adding lamps, flowers in vases, or even by setting the dining table.

Tend to the garden

The garden also plays an important role in property photography. Any weeds, rubbish bins or garden toys should be removed and give any garden furniture a good clean. You want the photos to show how someone else could be utilising the space. Garden clutter can be distracting.

Take a Knee

If you want to make the room appear larger than the camera is picking up, you may want to consider lowering yourself to get a better angle. This will make the ceiling appear taller and the walls wider.

Bring in the professionals

One thing that can guarantee wonderful photography for your property is by hiring an estate agent that offers it as part of their service. At Joules Estate Agents, we offer an in-house photography service that will give your home in the Heaton’s the best possible chance of turning heads when selling. If you would like to learn more about the services we offer, get in touch.