Renovating your Home? Here are a few things to consider first

Choosing to renovate your home is a huge challenge and a commitment that should not be taken lightly. Although it can do wonders to the overall value of your property, it can be an expensive job that takes quite a bit of time and requires plenty of preparation.

Break everything down

Renovations are quite daunting. This is why it helps to create a detailed schedule for each part of the home you wish to renovate. Create a timeframe for each area of the home that needs attention and assign job roles to make sure nothing overlaps. If you have a big task to focus on, it helps to break it down into smaller things and tick each item off one at a time.

Budget for additional costs

Home renovation projects do not come without their obstacles. You will save a lot of time by preparing yourself for any potential pitfalls. For example, if your property is old, you may have to think about your electrics. Consider any potential setback and put together an emergency budget for anything you cannot avoid.

Write everything down

From measurements to job roles, it is important to physically document every small detail that will go into the renovation. It may seem slightly over the top, but you will thank yourself later when you reach a bump in the road. Having everything written down can help you retrace your footsteps to understand any mistakes that may have been made and what must be done next.

Who are you renovating for?

People renovate for different reasons, whether it be to increase the value of your property or to improve a property you have just moved into. No matter who the renovation is for, you must always think long-term. Even if you are renovating a kitchen to increase the overall value of the property, you must think about how the new homeowners will use it. Even the simplest of designs can have the most functional features!

Be realistic

No home renovation project goes without its obstacles, and deadlines are almost always extended. Remember to keep these things in mind and it will be worth the journey. Stay realistic with your expectations and you will succeed!

Understanding your home value with Joules Estate Agents

Of course, it helps to know the current value of your property before you decide whether it’s worth a renovation. At Joules Estate Agents, we specialise in selling homes in the Heaton’s. If you’d like a home valuation or would like to learn more, get in touch.