How to add a water feature increase your home value

If you’re looking for a way to make your current property seem like a welcoming and relaxing environment, you can never go wrong with the soothing sounds of running water in the garden. Whether is a reflective pool or a stylish fountain, water can do wonders to add a sense of tranquillity to any outdoor space. It’s not just a way to make the garden look better either. The inclusion of a pond or water fountain can add £2,000 to the value of your home! So, here’s how you can add a water feature to increase your home value.

Water can serve many functions in the garden, so it is important that you start by thinking about the atmosphere you wish to achieve. For example, a natural swimming pond could help create a social space, but a waterfall could create tranquillity and peace.

Think about size

When looking for a pond or a reflective water surface, the more water the better. Don’t forget, if your pond or water feature is surrounded by planting, then the water surface visibility is also reduced. It’s important to be selective when planting around the surface area.

Match the style of the water feature to the style of the house

The details and the design are key elements to tying the water feature to the rest of your property. It wouldn’t make a lot of sense to have a contemporary house design with a traditional water fountain (unless you do it well of course). Water features look out of place if they have no relation to the character of the house or design of the surrounding garden.

Different materials create different water sounds

This may sound weird, but sounds differ for everyone. It’s a personal experience and you may want to take some time to think about what sounds appeal to you. For example, metal can create quite a harsh sound if water hits it directly but will be a lot softer if you let it trickle down.

Consider your viewing height

Water does not always need to be at ground level. They can be raised to eye level if you’d prefer, which could add drama in the space. However, be aware that the more you change the height, the more movement you will create.

Position is everything

Water must be matched with the function of the garden. So, if it were placed next to a seating area for quiet time, the movement of water, particularly when it directly hits material, can be quite distracting. However, when placed correctly, the sounds of the water could create a wonderful area of relaxation.

Think about wind conditions

Let’s be honest, the British weather is often quite temperamental. Wind is enough to move the water, causing you to lose it over time. So, you need to consider it’s something that will need topping up after windy days.

Natural light comes first

You can create beautiful light reflections through water features, so think about where in the garden you should place it to allow the space to stay bright. Not only will it brighten the garden, but it will help to make the space feel a lot bigger too!


Now, you may be adding this water feature to improve the value of your property, but what about the maintenance? You may be ready to pass it onto someone else, but it may not be the smartest choice to choose a feature that requires more work than the buyer bargained for. Whatever design you choose, make sure it will be easy to handle so that your buyers can enjoy the benefits more than endure the maintenance.

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