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When is the best time of year to move house?

If you are in the fortunate position to pick and choose when you move house, you are in a very fortunate small group! Most moves are dictated by how long it takes for your property to sell, as well as the time it takes to find, agree on a price and exchange contracts on your new home. After that, you may even have to wait for your chain to be complete. But for those who do get to move when they please, when is the best time of year to move house?

Discovering the best time of year to move house

If you are in control of when you can move, the best time can vary. If you have no timely commitments, the best times would be either late spring or just after the summer holidays. This is when moving companies are less busy and their rates will likely be lower as a result. Weekend rates also tend to be higher, as are the costs for renting storage space and truck hire.

However, many movers have other things do factor in, such as children, spouses, jobs, schools and much more. Many elements can shape the deciding factor of when you need to move.

The academic year

If you have children in school, it is often best to base your move around the academic calendar. Summer is ideal as it gives them 6-7 weeks for your children to say goodbye to their friends and get used to the idea of living in a new location. They will be more prepared for the new school year if they have had the time to think of the new house as a ‘home’ before facing the daunting challenge of a new school and making new friends.

Festive holidays

If possible, we suggest you avoid major holidays such as Christmas. This is because moving around this time will likely cost you more. It will also have higher potential for damages to occur due to slippery or wet conditions on roads and pavement thanks to rain and possibly snow. What’s more, travelling will be generally more difficult for both yourself and the moving company. If you do have to move during the festive period, be sure to prepare yourself as much as possible.

Finding your new home with Joules Estate Agents

We hope you found this helpful. Though finding your next home can seem like a complex process, it doesn’t have to be. Whether you’re buying or selling, Joules Estate Agents are here to make moving a breeze. To find out more about our services, get in touch.