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The last 10 years has seen an increase in cellar and loft conversions and I’m often asked “What value do they add to the subject property?”

Like everything else in life it’s about the quality of the finish verses the cost of the exercise, and a sensible balance delivers the best results. If you want to add substantial value to your property you need to meet building regulations. They’re more onerous for loft conversions than cellar conversions and you can expect to spend more for the upper space. An estate agent can only describe converted rooms as habitable space when you’re in possession of the building regulations. Those regulations cover health and safety issues, such as fire escapes, fire doors and wired in smoke detector systems etc.

Naturally, you have to consider warmth, comfort and style. In the end it’s an integral part of a home, so should reflect the same standards you meet throughout. Cellars, by definition are chilly and damp places with lower ceilings and fewer windows. Planning the lighting is important. Pendant fittings won’t work and traditional radiators take up a lot of space. Inset lighting, wall mounted vertical radiators, and cheerful colours make a world of difference. Also loft conversions can reveal dramatic rooftop landscapes. Nooks, crannies and aesthetically pleasing gabled ceilings can truly make wonderful rooms.

Get it right and you can add value financially, and to the quality of your life.

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