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Interior Design Home Style

The delights of the property industry are enhanced by the latest trends and designs. I want to cover some that you’ll find around SK4 that have substantially added value and quality of life to many of its beautiful homes.

‘Shabby Chic’,
which works best with the French inspired look. Includes polished metals, luxurious fabrics and rough finishes around marble fire surrounds and open fires. Glamour can be added at reasonable prices with accessories from local charity shops and flea markets.

‘Urban Industrial’,
as you would expect, uses rugged raw materials such as wood, steel and concrete.  Muted colours such as copper, silver and gun metal compliment and warm the best of period homes.

‘Country House’,
delivers rewarding results in the distinctive period homes. You’ll see William Morris wallpapers, sumptuous Farrell & Ball colours, cosy textures with throws, blankets and rustic floors sitting alongside traditional furniture.

‘The New Retro’
is the meeting of the classic and the contemporary. It tends to favour function over form where everything on offer has a definitive use. Clean lines, zesty furniture, colours and counter balancing modest wall finishes result in an overall fifties feel.

Finally, ‘Modern Rustic’,
with weathered wood, log stores, wood burners and lots of handmade accessories against earthy pastels and terracotta’s creates a truly unique atmosphere.

Heatonian’s know what works for them, whilst enhancing the appeal of their property when it is time to sell and that makes the Heaton’s an even more special place to live.