In Out Shake It All About


All our days between now and the 23rd of June will be informed by debate, opinion and media overload.  What lines up to be one of the most historic and momentous decisions by the populous will certainly have a massive impact on our lives for decades to come.  As I write it is by no means certain that we will remain part of the European community and if that is true then changes are likely to happen that impinge on our everyday lifestyles.

As for the property market, whether we are in or out it’s likely to shake it all about.  Certainly, if we are out there will be some impact on the confidence of the buying public.  Already the value of the pound has dropped following shock waves experienced by Boris Johnson backing for Brexit.  Countries outside the EU i.e. China and USA have made worrisome noises about our trading relationships that could cause initial weaknesses in our economy.  If we do leave and things settle down as happens in life, will the property market continue to prosper?

The property market is a little like woodland lakes where the deer drink happily, then they hear a loud noise and the deer run away.  Brexit would be a very loud noise and some impact is inevitable.  Its’s true the deer come back slowly when the noise has died down but only gradually and certainly not all at once.  On the other hand if we stay in the Community it’s probably going to be quickly forgotten that there was anything to worry about.