Riot Of Colour


Spring is on the horizon and a mood of optimism is in the air.  It’s a lovely time of year and inspires people to work on projects for their existing or new homes.  There is a perfect palate of colours out there in the gardens, fields and parkland to bring into the home, full of seasonal zest and symmetry.

Home magazines are flying off the shelf as people look to plagiarise the best interior designer ideas.

If though your choice is to make the best of your home for sales purposes then a word of warning.  Some of the designers have very esoteric; some may say exotic and eccentric tastes.  Consequently I’ve seen a riot of colour appear; turquoise, fuchsia and emerald wall coverings enough to overwhelm you, lagoon coloured floor tiles in a parquet formation (purple and blue parquet wallpaper did nothing for me either) or if you prefer marble mosaic tiles in various shades and designs of grey, again parquet style.  Parquet is clearly of the moment but in many cases so garish I feel dizzy.

Now, maybe its old bones speaking but this is all too rich and personal for my blood.  In that sense I prefer empathy with the building and environment and a perfect example of great taste and style is exhibited in an apartment we have recently listed on Broomfield Road (take a look at it on our website).  For me it’s achingly good and leaves you feeling er…… that you don’t want leave!

The best advice probably is to remember that if you’re selling, you’re not designing for yourself but for the market place and after all you can’t go far wrong if you remember Mother Nature is on hand to advise.