Happy Days Are Here Again


As I write it’s a glorious day, the sun is in the zenith, the temperature is a palatable 19’.

It’s only Tuesday and our diary is already filling up with viewings for Saturday.  Summer fever is here.  People are happier and more positive when the sun shines, equally everything looks better in the sunshine. Buyers are psychologically more appreciative and responsive to the finer things at these moments.  Their senses relate to the well decorated home, the stylish kitchen , the chic bathroom, as well as a well tended garden.  This is the colour me beautiful formula for home selling.

It’s true that more property sells at this time of year and recent news that the number of first time buyers is up by 15% for April is heartening information for the year ahead.  Equally, according to a report by Connells Surveyors, valuations are up by 39%.  Not only is this encouraging but it is predictable.  The property market has long been found to work in 7 year cycles.  To mention the dreaded 2007 in one breath is magically softened by knowing we are heading towards 2014 with renewed optimism and a raft of more favourable conditions, not least of which is the forthcoming government strategy to guarantee first time buyer loans.  Make no mistake the government want a healthy property market because that translates into a robust economy.

The big question is can prices increase?  Well, they have to at some time and the conditions are right for that to start happening.  The key word is caution because bank valuers can down value and spoil the party.  Otherwise, happy days are here again.