The Happy Heatons


Some years ago in the busiest of times in the property market we calculated that the office phone rang every 30 seconds during normal office hours.  That was roughly a 1000 times a day!  We’re not quite back to those halcyon days but we’re heading there.  This activity is a combination of valuations, listings, viewings and sales agreements.  It is literally full steam ahead and business as it’s not been for years.

I’ve said in this column for the last 3 years that a tipping point of interest for the area has been the imminent arrival of the Metro Link.  Indeed the interest stirred up has been so great that by the end of 2012 every other property we sold was to someone outside of SK4.  This is off the scale of any national comparison.

There is no doubt that Salford Media City, BBC et al is creating a feeding frenzy of interest and the Metro Link at Didsbury Road is a vein connecting to the artery route into Salford Quays.  Of course, the Heatons is much more than just the Metro Link it’s a basket full of goodies to suit professional working lives along with recreational interests and family entertainment.

If there was an award for the most convenient place in Britain that provides quality of life then the Heaton’s has it!  Many of you may have noticed that Stockport has been cited as the second happiest place to live in England.  Well, that’s because of all the people in the Heaton’s laughing at their lot in life!

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