Three For Joy, Seven For An Itch


The good news is that 2012 saw the strongest price growth for 3 years, finishing the year at 3% growth.  In real terms, the average national house selling price is now £202,824, an increase of over £6500 since the previous December.  Contributing factors to this have been the return of buy to let investors at home but also significantly abroad, with ex-patriots representing a refreshing addition to the numbers of interested parties appearing.

Asset House Price Watch is an analysis of house price data and gives a comprehensive overview of the UK property market.  This states that areas of the UK that are strongest have got good employment prospects, transport links and amenities.  Needless to say SK4 has all this in abundance especially with the imminent arrival of the Metro Link, which bodes well for the area.

Our direct experience is that this year has started brightly and the prospects are good.  It is said that the property market works in 7 year cycles and as 2007 was the year of the financial crisis and with 2013 continuing where 2012 left off 2014 suddenly looks very promising indeed.  Maybe, it’s time for that itch.