Love Affair With A House


Homes are very close to our hearts.  Our own homes, usually have been put together with tender loving care and invariably years of memories belong to each part of that home.  Leaving is often a sad experience as we say our final goodbyes to a much loved part of our lives.

When it comes to buying, our emotions are on red alert.   Yes, we will be practical by ensuring the location is right, the structure sound, the proximity to schools and facilities just right.  But rest assured your heart will rule more than your head when it comes to that final choice.  And yes, you may be influenced by the smell of freshly ground coffee, sweet aromas of brightly coloured flowers and sensuous elevator music in the background!

Of course, if we love our homes it shows too.  People feel the love!  It stands out in every detail and those good vibrations will play their part in that final home buying decision.

So, this Valentine’s day, over a candlelit dinner with fine cuisine on the table don’t be detached, semi-detached or terraced, enjoy a love affair with your home and don’t be jealous if others do too.


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