Heatons Wins Gold


There can be very few people in Great Britain who are not thrilled and proud of our wonderful Olympian’s.  As I write this we are 3rd on the medal table and have our greatest haul of medals since 1908 when there were only 22 countries participating.  It is simply phenomenal and when you compare our population to USA and China we are by far the most successful.

What has this got to do with property?  Well, actually a great deal.  Our world standing has risen massively.  Equally, the feel good factor can never be underestimated with the change of people’s feelings into a highly positive way of thinking.  I have seen the scenario before with the great success of the Commonwealth Games in Manchester positively moving the economy.

It is not a coincidence that in the holiday month of August many people are usually away on holiday and our activity is quieter. Yet, quite simply the phones are buzzing, offers are pouring in and we are valuing more properties that we have done for years.  So, as the Olympians continue to shine, we are finding that everything we touch turns to sold!