Joules Bring Some Sunshine To The Heatons


On the 30th July 1966 England dramatically won the World Cup for the very first time.  As the nation celebrated another more local noteworthy event was taking place.  Joules Estate Agents was established as a local, independent, estate agent.

The estate agency quickly became known around Stockport but as the years passed by the focus concentrated on the Heaton’s and SK4 specifically.  In 1981 Clive Tattersall joined Joules as manager and would subsequently take over the business 4 years later.   Clive passionately believed in personal service and particularly in accompanied viewings and refreshingly interesting descriptions on property details.  In fact, the media took an interest and features in the Manchester Evening News and national media followed.  Ultimately Clive has appeared on television and national radio as an expert on property matters.

For some time Joules have wanted to re-launch a new exciting image for the business but have held back because of the difficult economy.  Over the last 18 months things have changed dramatically with the imminent arrival of the Metro Link creating huge interest in SK4.  Clive talks about the ethos that lies behind the new image, “When I first took over Joules I held back from the customary practise of putting my own name on the business, besides I don’t think my name would fit on the board!  I was always strongly drawn to the etymology of Joules and its association with energy.  I feel that has a good connotation with client expectations and hence our strapline ‘Joules, all the energy you need to move’ and the sunny image that you now find on all our literature.”

Independent of their reputation Joules have a strong presence in the community being one of the former members of the 4 Heatons Traders Association.  In fact Clive is the current chairman, “I have a strong feeling about the importance of community.  The 4 Heaton Traders Association has quickly gained reputation for supporting and organising events that bring the community together and builds a strong feeling of belonging.”

With a busy year ahead in sales and lettings the implementation of the new image, incorporating the latest technology and work with the 4 Heatons Traders Association it does seem true to say “Joules have all the energy you need to move!”

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The Love Affair Is Far From Over


80% of people surveyed by the council of mortgage lenders have indicated a desire to own their own home by 2022. Out of that number 75% hoped to achieve this ambition within 2 years.

This tells you that if it wasn’t for continuing weakness in the UK economy and the Eurozone crisis that has contributed to a scarcity of affordable mortgages, there would be an awful lot more people buying homes.  That is the national picture.

In SK4 property is literally selling in days, many to first time buyers with significant deposits. There is truly not enough property to go around.  The Metro Link has had a massive effect in this regard with an incredible 1 in 2 purchasers coming from outside of SK4.  Now when you consider a recent report by the Royal Institute of Chartered Surveyors (R.I.C.S.) shows that house sales have fallen by 40% in the past years, the activity in the Heaton’s seems even more remarkable.

The fact remains that supply and demand dictate prices. Not only are prices strong in SK4 they are set to rise because of increasing demand.

In that context the British love affair with home ownership is far from over.

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